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There are thousands of soldiers coming home after being wounded in action and they all need our help.

In this section of DHM, we will keep a current list of organizations that offer aid to our troops by helping them get back into the great outdoors, and we aim to highlight a different outfit each issue.

This is one of the fastest growing areas in the disabled hunting world. Groups offering “hunts for heroes” and other beneficial programs to wounded warriors are sprouting up across the country, as well they should. What greater cause is there than taking care of the men & women that have fought to protect our liberties?

If you know of, or have any experience with a wounded warrior program that isn’t listed here, please contact us and let us know.

Started in 2005 by Billy Hodges of El Campo, Texas, H4H takes wounded soldiers from military hospitals across the country and sends them on big game hunts, wingshooting trips and fishing events. “Support our troops” is more than just a slogan to them. They are very dedicated to helping our country’s fighting men & women who have been wounded in battle. In 2010, they hosted over 40 events and approximately 400 soldiers.

H4H is a grass roots organization that believes in the healing power of the outdoors. All the hunts are free of charge, and H4H provides transportation to and from the event locations whenever necessary. They can handle soldiers with any kind of injury (physical or not). Currently, there are H4H chapters in California, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina.

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