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Outfitters Review

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Oelofse Safaris - Owned and operated by Jan, Annette & Alex Oelofse

After being selected by Safari Club for the Pathfinder award in 2010, I met the Oelofse's who had donated a 10-day safari on their ranch in northern Namibia as part of the package. They run one of the few wheelchair accessible safari operations in Africa, and their attention to detail was a pleasant surprise when I hunted with them.

Oelofse Safaris has two accessible lodges, Mount Etjo (the main lodge) and Elephant (the hunt lodge), complete with roll-in showers and roll-under sinks. They even built a stair lift up to the viewing room at Elephant lodge and a side-car lift for one of the hunt vehicles. And if they don't ave exactly what you need, they'll build it for you. That "can do" spirit is one of the things I look for in an outfitter, and the Oelofses have it!

I spent the best ten days of my life in Namibia. It was spectacularly beautiful and the wildlife abundant. I took some amazing trophies which included a kudu bull, a zebra stallion and a gemsbok bull. Check out their site at Oelofse Safaris for more info, or contact me for more details.

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Trophy Ridge Outfitters - Owned and operated by Roger & Audrey McQueen

I first met Audrey & Roger in Clayton, NM, after I'd drawn an antelope tag for the mobility-impaired season. They volunteered on short notice to come help me hunt because they heard that my other guide couldn't make it, and we ended up finding and taking a Boone & Crockett goat. Needless to say, we hit it off right away. Ever since, they have made it a focus to offer their services for disabled hunters who want to hunt in and around the state of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado & Kansas. Roger & Audrey really know their stuff when it comes to hunting, and they will do everything they can to accommodate a disabled hunter. Audrey is a 9 time elk calling champion by the way, and anytime I'm able to, I hunt with them. Whenever I look for a guide, first and foremost, I want them to be good hunters, and secondly, I want them to have that "we'll do whatever it takes" attitude. Audrey & Roger have both. New Mexico also just happens to have one of the best opportunities for disabled hunters in the entire country because of its mobility-impaired seasons that are offered through the public draw system. Contact the NMG&F (New Mexico Game & Fish) department for more info, and then call Trophy Ridge Outfitters. You won't be disappointed.



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