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Spring 2011 Articles

D Stands for Devia

By Chad Waligura
Devia Eller, (pronounced Dee-va), entered this world on October 29, 1971. She grew up in Glade Valley, NC, in the Blue Ridge Mountains as any country girl would, wild and free. “I grew up in a rural area and we didn't have many neighbors. We had horses, I would ride practically daily during the summer and the whole family would ride every weekend. My dad taught us how important it was to take care of the horses and so we learned responsibility early.

See You On The Mountain

By Chad Waligura
Corey's first trip back to the ranch after his injury still wearing the "turtle shell". He's welcomed by his friends Jerald Pries and Steve Klaes “You better get used to tying flies because that’s all you’re gonna be doing for the rest of your life.”  The words tumbled coldly out of this male nurse’s mouth the first time he saw Corey in ICU after his wreck.  They rattled around in Corey’s head awhile before sinking deep in his belly.  They wounded him.  “That really pissed me off!” Corey admitted.  “Who did that guy think he was?  He didn’t have any

The Bear and the Chair

By Daniel James Hendricks

One Hell of a Hunt

By Devia Eller
It was November of 2007, while I was on a hunt in Caldwell, NC, with the North Carolina Handicapped Sportsmen, that I heard about an event held in Wyoming every year called Helluvahunt, a disabled group hunt for antelope.  My friend Ed Mays, the president of NCHS, said he thought I’d be a good candidate for the trip, and right away it seemed they were calling Gary Stearns in Wyoming to tell him about me.  They also told him I wanted to attend next year’s hunt.  The wheels were in

2009 Challenged Hunter of the Year – Mike Cranford

By Chad Waligura
As a young boy growing up in Foreman, Arkansas, little Mike’s first taste of the outdoors came when his dad started taking him along on coon hunts in the woods nearby. “I was only eight or nine,” Mike recalled, “and dad would carry me on his back when we went out.” Once he started, there was no going back. He was hooked! Soon, he began hunting on his own for small game like rabbits, squirrels and other varmints, just like every other boy growing

A Trip Aboard the Sea Wolf

By Dawn Ziegler
It’s always a bit risky taking a journey to a remote destination where accessibility may be in question. But seven years after his accident, Steve Pisano, a T3-4 paraplegic, packed up his cameras and ventured to Alaska for an experience of a lifetime aboard the Sea Wolf Adventures cruise ship. Steve, now 44, grew up in Florida but moved to Estes Park, Colorado, to earn a certificate in biblical studies. After being a program director and teacher at a bible school for five and a half years in Fraser, he
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