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Brad Skramstad was born in Minot, North Dakota and moved to Kalispell Montana during his
The Streamlight Challenged Hunter of the Year Award was the first nationwide
Here's the reason that there hasn't been much action on this site lately. We've

Back to Nature... A Backcountry Paddling Trip

By Dawn Ziegler
Andy Janicki, now 28, was always willing to give up the everyday “luxuries” to pursue his love of back-country camping. He

The One That Didn't Get Away

By Chad Waligura
In 1987, Mike Schmitz was paralyzed in a car accident when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has become an accomplished outdoorsman and an advocate for disabled hunters. After college, he began working as a counselor with numerous organizations to promote the independence

The Hunt that Changed My Life

By Willy Amos
It was early November, smack in the middle of whitetail deer season in Iowa where I live and hunt. Something I look forward to every fall. I was bow hunting one morning with a friend of mine, Steve, until about 9am when we

To the Roof of the World ~ First Female Para to Summit Kilimanjaro

By Dawn Ziegler
“Sports is my life,” Erica Davis affirmed. As a 29 year old, born and raised in Lodi, California, she grew up

Up, Up and Away!

By Ashley Olson
In June 2011, I was the second wheelchair user to ride the first ever accessible hot air balloon in the United States

My Outdoor Buddy

By Chad Waligura
Outdoor Buddies Kansas – The year was 2003. In the tiny town west of Wichita, Kansas, a man named Merle Heldenbrand was quietly working to start a local chapter for a group called Outdoor Buddies, a non-profit organization based in Colorado that provides hunts
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Renegade All-Terrain Wheelchairs offer the user a 8-speed geared
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When you have special needs, it can be difficult to find an outfitter that is disabled hunter ready, especially when

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